Our Mission

Our vision is to provide a solution that reduces the use and amount of single-use plastic bottles that are purchased and consumed daily all over the world, around 1,000,000 every minute. A plastic ocean among us and we are bringing a sustainable solution for consumers while doing our part to bring value to the planet.

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Infinitely Recycleable

It is important that we make a product that gives consumers an alternative to plastic while giving us a platform to drive our message throughout the industry and ultimately the consumers, that there is a product that is infinitely recycleable and safer for ÜR planet.

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A Global Problem

If you are not aware of this global epidemic, the consumption of microplastics is a real concern. It has been found in a variety of animals around the world and now more than ever in humans causing harmful health effects, including various cancers, a weakened immune system, reproductive problems and more. There is a choice on how you live ÜR life.

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Sustainability is at the forefront of consumers’ and regulators’ minds, and the challenge for consumer brands has become clear: it’s no longer a question if brands should shift to more sustainable packaging, but what you choose to drink ÜR Watür out of.